Love is in the air

I know for many people Valentines Day is an over rated holiday that has very little meaning. That is a fine point of view to have, it is not mine tho.

This is my favorite holiday, which I know is odd to hear someone say, especially someone who is single but it’s true. Growing up I came from a spilt family, so holidays sometimes seemed like more work then they were worth at times. Then I learned to appreciate Valentines Day, It’s one of the few holidays that does’t have to do with family. This holiday is about me and whom I choose to spend it with. Sometimes I get to be supper sappy and write heart felt letters on paper that I’ve made or plan a thoughtful evening for my partner and I. Other times I get to be goofy/ silly Jeremy, make my friends and coworkers cheesy Valentines Day cards that say things like you make my heart skip a beet with a picture of a beet shaped like a heart on the front of the card.

This year I am not sure what I am doing personally. I do know that PositivelySweet  has you covered on your chocolate needs

The Sweetheart Collection is:

Strawberry Rose

Love is Rocky Road ( Dark Chocolate, Almonds, and Marshmallow)

Dark Chocolate Cabernet

We have 6,12, and 24 piece boxes available preorders are suggested; once I am out, I am out.  PositivelySweet Chocolate Store

Keep those Buns Sticky,

– Jeremy

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