Self Expression in the work place.

When is it appropriate to be you? And how does one show that professionally and respectfully? Todays blog is going to be a lot of unanswered questions that is meant to make you think and respond if you like.

For the bulk of my career I have worked in a verity of corporate kitchens with a few smaller scale ones thrown in there. They have all had some sort of dress codes and visual standards. At what point is it too far?  Is it it appropriate for an employer to ask you to not be you. From hats, pants, visible tattoos, make up, even how you write the date. At what point of trying to create equality in the work place is detrimental to a persons self esteem. How does this type on conformism really effect someones work day and productivity through out the day.

I understand that some forms of expression can be a bit crass or inappropriate for the work place, having vulgar phrases or images on your visible clothing is of course the most common arguments and what one finds appropriate another might not. That is all a part of diversity amongst one another. What does trying to create this overly PC environment do, people will be offended. It is a reality of life. By trying to be fully PC how does help anyone ?

All I want to be able todo is be me. Show a little tid bit of my personality, an interest, hobby, quirk, hell my favorite color. Why is this so wrong and why should I be made to feel guilty for wanting to do so? As children we are raised to believe that we can be anything and do anything that we put our minds to. Now as adults we are asked to be the square and only act with in this box and having an option that differs is frowned upon. I am done with endless rant that will just cause me to be frustrated more than anything.

Till next time keep those buns sticky,

Jeremy Intille