Ep.1 Shank Vs. Shiv


In this section we will talk about the off the wall conversation that occur while at work.

This past week we had some good ones; how someone boyfriends/girlfriends themselves, the anatomy of vagina ( I personally learned a lot durning this talk), pros and cons of different birth controls and by far the most interesting : the difference between a shank and shiv.Who knew that a bunch suberbinites would have such strong options in this matter. This about 45 min conversation went back in forth from what defines each of them, how to use the word properly and what can they be made of. Luckily we had someone in the kitchen who had real life experience and urban dictionary. For the record a SHIV is a home made knife construct of anything but metal. A Shank is a piece of metal that has been sharpened and has a cloth handle. I know that all of you were very curious about this topic. Maybe it’ll come in hand in a game of trivia one day. Who knows what next week will bring in episode 2 of Table Talk.



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