JerBear an Introduction


Just so y’all can get to know me a little more, here are some fun bits, fact, and random nonsense to know about me.

  •  I am originally from Elk Grove,Ca.
  • I grew up on a dairy farm till I was 12.
  • My first crush was Jacques Torres.
  • I grew up wanting to be Martha Steward and still do.
  • I am a lovely 50/50 spilt Mexican and Sicilian.
  • I serve sass, class, and ass 24/7.
  • My mouth gets me in an equal amount of trouble as it gets me out of.
  •  I am always up to trying new bar/ restaurant/ pop up.
  • You will probably find me at your local coffee shop with an iced americano all year round.
  • I don’t have a sweet tooth, they are all sweet.
  • I am all about goofy, pudgy, and fuzzy fellas.
  • I am incredibly particular.
  • Don’t ask me for an opinion unless you are fully ready for what might fallow.
  • I love retro lingo
  • Did someone say CHOCOLATE? Yes please.
  • Carbs and I go way back, we are BFFL (best friends for life).

Let’s go on ward to the next adventure.


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